SkyRanch at Carefree

Airport Identifier 18AZ

For more than 60 years the SkyRanch airport has been a significant catalyst for the local economy of Carefree and many other parts of northern Maricopa County. Today the mission of SkyRanch is to promote and manage a general aviation experience for its members, guests, and the broader township by maintaining a facility that is unsurpassed in excellence.

SkyRanch at Carefree is a private airport and its use is solely for members and approved guests. Guests are required to receive prior permission to land at least 24-hours before arriving at 18AZ. SkyRanch also welcomes visitors doing business with the Town of Carefree, while lodging at one of the three nearby Carefree hotels: The Boulders, the Civana Wellness Resort and Spa, and the Hampton Inn Carefree.

Contact the Airport Manager at 480-488-3571 to receive permission to land.

SkyRanch is closed to the following:

  • Aircraft over 12,500 pounds certified gross weight
  • Charter Flights
  • Helicopter operations
  • Jet aircraft that do not meet 14 CFR 36.1 Stage 3 noise level limits
  • Touch and go aircraft

Carefree is a noise-sensitive area. Compliance with traffic pattern arrival and departure procedures outlined on this website is mandatory. SkyRanch is a non-towered airport: proper flight pattern and radio discipline are critical to safe and tranquil operations. Clearly broadcast intentions and confirm correct UNICOM radio frequency of 122.725. Visual glide slope PAPI lighting is available with three, five or seven clicks on 122.725.

Takeoff and landing shall be permitted only from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM, except for emergencies. 

SkyRanch Arrivals and Departures

Reproduced by kind permission of ForeFlight, A Boeing Company

Reproduced by kind permission of ForeFlight, A Boeing Company

A. Arrivals, Runway 06 – Traffic pattern is on the south side of the airport. Right hand traffic pattern. Avoid flight over noise sensitive areas: The Boulders, Town of Carefree, Rolling Hills Development, and the area north of runway 06 extended centerline.

B. Arrivals, Runway 24 – Traffic pattern is on the south side of the airport. Left hand traffic pattern. Adjust pattern to avoid flying over Rolling Hills Development and if compatible with safety, remain over or north of Cave Creek Road while on final approach.

C. Departures, Runway 06 – Climb to a minimum of 3500′ MSL remaining over or north of Cave Creek Road prior to making any turns. No right turns regardless of altitude until reaching a point east of the Rolling Hills Development.

D. Departures, Runway 24 – Climb runway heading to Tom Darlington Drive prior to making any left turns. Right turns are prohibited prior to exiting the traffic pattern at 3500′ MSL and are discouraged East of Black Mountain.

E. The standard traffic pattern for 18AZ shall be a rectangle pattern with a 45-degree entry to the downwind leg. In the absence of conflicting traffic, other pattern entry procedures may be used provided the pilot announces his/her intentions. Aircraft in the standard pattern shall have the right of way. Avoid flight over noise sensitive areas when compatible with safety.

F. AIM suggested pattern procedures should be utilized for those operations not specified in Parts A. through E. above. In all cases compatibility with safety is of the utmost importance.

G. Landings and takeoffs will be permitted only during the period beginning at 6:00 a.m. and ending at 11:00 p.m. each day, except under emergency conditions. Run-up of Aircraft for maintenance purposes will be permitted only between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

H. Low passes at or below traffic pattern altitude are not allowed at any time.

Mandatory Flight Safety Briefing

Pilots utilizing the asphalt runway need only view the first two minutes of the Flight Briefing video and know that there are no simultaneous runway operations with the parallel, unpaved runway. Ensure only ONE AIRCRAFT is using the combined (Dirt and Paved) runways at a time. Pilots operating on the unpaved runway must view the entire video.

Vehicle Safety Briefing Video