SkyRanch is a unique airport with 20 custom home sites plus 60 condominium units right on the airfield. Additionally there are 120 privately owned aircraft hangar spaces housing a wide variety of alluring aircraft. The airfield is surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Sonoran Desert and its mountains festooned with majestic towering saguaro cacti and teeming with wildlife; however, it is only minutes away from the shops and restaurants in the Town of Carefree. The western United States has many superb private airports but in reality, none are quite like SkyRanch of Carefree.

Link to Historical Timeline of Carefree and the SkyRanch Airport

Additional SkyRanch Airport Information

Prices effective  June 9, 2024

AvGas: $6.56 per gallon

Jet A: $5.17 per gallon

Member discount is adjusted from published prices, but guests are not eligible for the discount.

SkyRanch at Carefree is a Private Airport
Fees below apply to arriving aircraft that meet the Prior Permission to Land criteria.

Contact the airport manager’s office to book your arrival

Landing Fee

Tie Down Fee



Photo Shoot             $1,000

SkyRanch pilot Stephen Bobko-Hillenaar and his wife Joanna are the 2023 Endeavor Awards winner for exceptional philanthropic work at Angel Flight West. The Endeavor Awards honors volunteer pilots with awards and provides charitable support to the organizations that coordinate their gifts of flight to serve those in need. Every year thousands of donated flights save lives, provide access to medical care, transport Veterans, rescue animals, map environmental data, aid in disaster relief and contribute to the public good in communities nationwide.

The husband-wife team dedicate most of their philanthropy to Angel Flight West by flying. Stephen previously served as Wing Leader in both Hawaii and Arizona, and he was an active member of AFW’s Board of Directors from 2007 to 2013. Now, the two split their time between Wyoming and Arizona. And for the past 20 years, Stephen and Joanna have flown nearly 600 missions as part of Angel Flight West’s network of volunteers, helping patients across the West access their life-saving medical care.

“Angel Flight gives us the opportunity to combine our love of flying with our passion for helping others in need,” says Stephen. “Being awarded is an honor as someone who appreciates what we’re doing for others.”

An outstanding article by local author and intrepid SkyRanch aviator Mr. Fred Wright, detailing the evolution of the airfield to its present form and use. Read article

SkyRanch at Carefree Flight Association

Airport Operation and Safety Regulations – Click for Download

1986/01/09 Flight Articles of Incorporation – Click for Download
2003/01/27 Flight Association By-Laws (Amended) – Click for Download
2009 Article XVII added to Flight By-Laws – Click for Download
2009/05/14 First Amendment to flight By-Laws – Click for Download

SkyRanch at Carefree Aircraft Storage Association

2020/02/11 SkyRanch Aircraft Storage Condo Assn – Amended and Restated Bylaws – Click for Download
2020/02/28 SkyRanch Aircraft Storage Condo Assn – Second Amended and Restated Declaration – Click for Download

Carefree Air Park Estates Easement

1992/06/08 Carefree Airpark Estates & SkyRanch Flight Easement – 1 – Click for Download
1992/06/08 Carefree Airpark Estates & SkyRanch Flight Easement – 2 – Click for Download

Town of Carefree Special Use Permit

1985/10/15 Special Use Permit – Click for Download
1999/05/04 Special Use Permit – Click for Download

Village at Carefree Condominium Association

Village at Carefree Condominium Association – Click for Download