SkyRanch at Carefree, the airport

SkyRanch at Carefree airport has evolved since its early days in the 1960s.  The airport has been here longer than the town, yet SkyRanch and the Town of Carefree are intertwined in many ways.  As the years have gone by, communities have grown around the airport.  Below is a short description of those communities.

It is important to recognize that SkyRanch at Carefree, the airport, is made up of two distinct governing bodies.  The SkyRanch Flight Association’s purpose is to operate and maintain a flight facility at SkyRanch at Carefree.  The SkyRanch Aircraft Storage Condominium Association’s purpose is to maintain the aircraft storage facilities and related properties, basically the hangars and terminal building.

In addition to these these entities and their governing documents, the airport is bound by the Special Use Permit issued by the Town of Carefree.

For the convenience of the reader, these public documents are available below.

SkyRanch at Carefree, the townhome community

Although tied together at the hip, so to speak, the airport and the townhome community are two separate and independent entities.  Developed in the mid 1980s, the townhome community was built alongside the aircraft storage association.  At the time, the townhomes were sold with a hangar.  The community was always conceived and built to be an airpark community.

As the years have gone by, things have changed.  Original owners sold their hangars and kept their townhome or vice versa.  While many townhome owners still own hangars, not every one does.  There are various reasons for these changes and none of them make the community any less attractive than years gone by.  In fact, it makes the SkyRanch Community that much more attractive knowing that homeowners and aircraft owners can coexist.

For more information on SkyRanch at Carefree, the townhome community, click on the link below.

Other Communities in the immediate vicinity of SkyRanch

On the north side of the runway and Autoplane Dr., lie the 20 individual lots that make up the Carefree Air Park Estates.  These homes are again separate from the airport, although they have an easement to use the runway and associated facilities.

To the northwest of the runway and Autoplane Dr., lie the roughly 140 condominium units that make up The Village at Carefree Condominium Association.  While this community touches the northwest corner of the airport, they are totally separate and have no access to the airport property.

North of the Carefree Air Park Estates and the Village at Carefree, lies the Desert Forest Golf Club.  As it is in such close proximity to the airport, the two properties are thought to be affiliated.  This is not the case.

SkyRanch Flight Association
SkyRanch Aircraft Storage Condominium Association
List of Directors and Officers for 2020

Charles F. Wright, President and Treasurer
Charles Raymond Fuller, Vice President
Mike Pestano, Secretary
Randall Harris, Director
JR Spalj, Director

SkyRanch at Carefree Flight Association

1986/01/09 Flight Articles of Incorporation – Click for Download
2003/01/27 Flight Association By-Laws (Amended) – Click for Download
2009 Article XVII added to Flight By-Laws – Click for Download
2009/05/14 First Amendment to flight By-Laws – Click for Download
2021/02/08 SkyRanch at Carefree Airport Operation & Safety Regulations – Amendment (A) – Click for Download

SkyRanch at Carefree Aircraft Storage Association

2020/02/11 SkyRanch Aircraft Storage Condo Assn – Amended and Restated Bylaws – Click for Download
2020/02/28 SkyRanch Aircraft Storage Condo Assn – Second Amended and Restated Declaration – Click for Download

Carefree Air Park Estates Easement

1992/06/08 Carefree Airpark Estates & SkyRanch Flight Easement – 1 – Click for Download
1992/06/08 Carefree Airpark Estates & SkyRanch Flight Easement – 2 – Click for Download

Town of Carefree Special Use Permit

1985/10/15 Special Use Permit – Click for Download
1999/05/04 Special Use Permit – Click for Download

Village at Carefree Condominium Association

Village at Carefree Condominium Association – Click for Download